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888 Poker Game Review

888 Poker has a slightly different attitude toward game variety than some other rooms. While certain poker sites go out of their way to offer every game under the sun - and then some - 888 offers players a much tighter menu of available games focused entirely on the classics.

Game selection is obviously an important part of an online poker player's process when it comes to choosing a room for real-money play. To help you evaluate 888 Poker, here's a comprehensive overview of the different poker variants available for play at the 888 online poker room.

Flop Games at 888 Poker

A "flop" poker variant involves some sort of shared cards, also referred to as community cards. It's generally thought that flop games like texas hold'em grew out of 7-card stud games, but the origin of flop games is ultimately murky. You can play the following flop games at 888 Poker:

  1. Texas Hold'em - No Limit, Pot Limit and Limit Betting
  2. Omaha - Pot Limit and No Limit
  3. Omaha hi/lo - Pot Limit only

What Stud Games are at 888 Poker?

As mentioned above, stud is thought to be the predecessor to flop games. That's because stud was once far and away the dominant form of poker played across the world. Stud remains popular among a fairly broad segment of players and is available on 888 Poker in the following varieties:

  1. Traditional 7 card stud
  2. Split pot (high / low) 7 card stud

Does 888 Poker offer Draw Poker Games?

Draw poker is the sort of poker you'll generally see played in old movies, but not quite so much in live casinos or online poker sites. 888 Poker does not offer any draw poker, and it appears unlikely that the room will be adding draw to the 888 Poker lineup at any point in the foreseeable future. Fans of online draw poker should consider PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker.

888 Poker Mixed Games

Mixed games are all the rage among a certain population within the poker community, but their popularity has yet to spread to 888 Poker, which does not offer any mixed game rotations for cash or tournament play. This is a hole in 888 Poker's otherwise excellent product, but one that will only be of importance to mixed games enthusiasts.

New games on the horizon at 888 Poker

While some rooms - such as Full Tilt Poker - are regularly introducing new games into their cash game and tournament menus, 888 Poker takes a different tack. The room prefers to focus on a small, stable lineup of well-known and well-adopted games. This is part of the larger strategy 888 Poker employs for attracting a casual player base. The lack of exotic games funnels the traffic into one central location, and at the same time discourages hardcore professionals who require a vast amount of options.

For that reason, we predict that the available game lineup at 888 Poker is likely to remain quite stable in the months and years ahead.

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