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Poker Sites Accepting Moneybookers Online gambling wallets are a big business, and one of the biggest names within that sphere is Moneybookers (aka Skrill).  The service has been focused on European markets for the better part of a decade, but has recently undertaken a global expansion that has seen Moneybookers expand aggressively into Asian and Latin American markets.

That expansion is nothing but good news for online poker players, who have come to rely on Moneybookers as a safe, reliable way of getting their online poker bankroll from one place to the next.  How good of an option is Moneybookers for depositing at online poker sites?  What are some of the advantages of choosing Moneybookers over competing wallets like PayPal?  Those (and a few additional) questions will be answered as we move through this resource for players that want to use Moneybookers to play online poker.

Top Site Accepting Moneybookers for Deposits

To be honest, any poker room worth your time accepts Moneybookers.  The online wallet is more or less ubiquitous when it comes to poker rooms, and it works just about the same way at every room.  What we're talking about when we pick the best Moneybookers poker site, then, is really what poker site offers the best total experience to online poker players.

With that out of the way, our pick for the best poker site that accepts Moneybookers deposits is 888 Poker.  888 Poker has made a number of changes over the last year to their poker room, both the software and the programs used to reward players at the room, and those changes have resulted in a dramatically better experience for everyone at Party.  Games are faster, the software is more stable and the bonuses and promotions are more generous than ever.

Depositing at Party Poker using Moneybookers is a pretty simple process.  You'll just need your Moneybookers ID to link your account for payment, and then you can deposit to Party Poker and be playing with the funds in a matter of minutes (sometimes just seconds).

USA Players Please Read - Moneybookers is not a viable option for US poker players. Please see our poker deposit page for a complete list of payment options used by US poker players

Benefits of Using Moneybookers for Online Poker

It's a refrain we echo throughout all of these guides, but it's important enough to bear repeating: Choosing an online payment processor is all about security.  Nothing else really matters - if the wallet is super-fast and accepted everywhere, do you care if you know that using the service means putting your money or financial identity at risk?  Obviously, the answer is no.

Successfully meeting that need for security is the calling card of Moneybookers, which has handled arguably the largest total volume of online poker transactions during the last ten years with nary a blemish to show for it.  That is an impressive feat, to say the least, and it's one that should inspire confidence on that part of online poker players who use the wallet to build, move and manage their bankrolls.

How Does Moneybookers Work for Online Poker Transactions?

Moneybookers is a pretty simple service.  You move funds into your wallet on Moneybookers, and then you can spend those funds at a variety of online merchants - including online poker rooms.  In addition to spending money, you can also receive it using Moneybookers, and money you have in the wallet can be withdrawn at any point back to your bank account.

Simple enough.  Using the service to deposit at online poker rooms is even easier; once you have funds in your Moneybookers wallet (either via credit card, bank transfer or from receiving a Moneybookers transfer) you can then shoot those funds over to the online poker room of your choice by submitting a quick request from within the room's cashier.  Transactions typically take only a few seconds to complete, and the money is usually there for use within minutes after the transaction concludes.

If you have additional questions about how to use Moneybookers at online poker rooms, just contact us or send the question to the support team at the poker room you're interested in. Moneybookers is used thousands of times a day by people from around the world - adding your name to that list can make a lot of sense if you're planning on playing poker online.