Real Money Android Poker

Android Real Money Poker AppsOnly a few years ago, no one had ever heard of Android and it seemed as if iPhones were safely on the way to dominating the mobile market.  That situation changed rapidly, as so many situations in technology do, and now Android-powered devices command a lion's share of the mobile market.

Poker players should have a special incentive to prefer Android mobile devices, as more rooms offer mobile poker for Android than for any other mobile platform.  Obviously that could change quickly as well, but for the time being Android is simply where it's at for poker players wanting to participate in mobile poker games.  Read on for more information about the best sites for Android poker, some of the pros and cons of playing poker on your Android phone or tablet and a few final thoughts about the Android online poker experience.

Top Sites for Playing Poker on Android Devices

With so many online poker rooms offering ways to play poker on Android devices, it can be a bit tricky to select only one.  To make our choice, we considered not only the quality of the Android app offered by a room (think things like stability, interface and security) but also the quality of the room behind it (think things like game choices, stakes available and relative weakness of the competition at the tables).

Real Money Android Poker / Casino for US Players

Poker Room
Poker Room Highlights
Drake Casino for Android
100% up to $5000
  • Offers a 100% to $5000 casino bonus
  • Only provides casino games for Android - online poker is not available
  • Accepts US players & all US deposit options
Licensed in Canada
Slotland for Android
100% up to $1000
  • Offers a 100% to $1000 casino bonus
  • Slotland does not offer mobile poker. Instead provides mobile slots
  • This casino is US friendly and paying out winners since 1996
Licensed in Canada

Pros and Cons of Real Money Android Poker

When filtered through those considerations, one room does stand out from the rest of the Android-offering poker pack: 888 Poker.  With an app that's been years in development and a room that offers one of the strongest online poker options available, 888 Poker is a clear choice for players who want to play poker for real money using an Android device.  Their app is stable, fully-featured and gives you access to everything the room has to offer.  What does the room have to offer, exactly?  888 is one of the five largest online poker rooms in the world, and has what many consider to be an unparalleled reputation for integrity and security - a hugely valuable asset for an online poker room and the players who patronize it.

There's plenty to like about using your Android tablet or phone to play online poker.  Obviously, the portability is a major advantage - it's no fun being tied to a home computer to play poker.  It's also nice to be able to have a quick session or two when you just have a few minutes to fill up - something that's not always possible with desktop versions of poker rooms, where you have to boot your machine, load the software, log in, select a table and finally get to playing.  With Android poker apps like 888, getting to the game generally involves two clicks - opening the app and using the "quick seat" function.

On the other side of the coin, there are a few cons.  Many players will miss their third-party programs that provide them with crucial information about their opponents - you won't find anything like that available for Android poker apps (not yet, anyway).  Additionally, the smaller screen generally limits players to smaller table counts, as playing multiple tables at once can get tricky quickly (and some rooms place limits on the number of tables you can playing using an Android app).  Finally, mobile connections are not always the best connections, and the chances that you'll suffer a timeout or a lag are higher when you're playing on your Android device than when you're playing at home.

Comparing Android Poker to iPhone Poker

Despite all of the marketing dollars spent to convince customers that iPhones and Androids are very different devices, the truth is that they're fairly similar when all is said and done.  This fact holds true for poker as well; while there may be more choices for poker players with Android phones than those with iPhones, the experience each player will have once they've found an app will be roughly identical.

Bottom line:  If you're thinking about buying a phone or tablet and basing your decision on the poker options available, you can't go too wrong regardless of whether you choose an Android or an iPhone.  While you will have more variety with Android, that gap is closing quickly and at this point all of the major rooms generally support both operating systems.