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WebMoney Poker SitesWith over ten million registered users worldwide, WebMoney is one of the top payment processors for online poker sites. Despite being an international business, WebMoney is most popular among poker players from Europe and the United Kingdom but they do welcome users from all over the world. Unfortunately at this time they do not accept users from the United States because of the current legal situation regarding online poker over there. Despite the situation in the US, WebMoney poker sites are being enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of users every single day.

Why Use WebMoney Poker Sites?

Most of the biggest online poker sites in the world support WebMoney and they offer extremely low fees on withdrawals. They’ve been in the industry for over a decade and have a reputation for security. WebMoney is a great payment processor for poker players to use and should only continue to grow as more poker sites allow them as a deposit method.

USA Players Please Read - Webmoney is not available to US players that want to deposit to a poker room. Please see our deposit page for a complete list of payment options used by USA poker players

How to Deposit with WebMoney

To get started using WebMoney you will first need to go to their website and register an account. The sign up process takes a bit more time than some other money processing services because they require mobile verification, but this is only done for your protection. After you fill in the various details about yourself you can begin adding funds to your account.

Once you have created your account you can add money to your WebMoney purse by making a deposit. WebMoney offers a limited option for adding money to your account with the easiest and best way being through a bank transfer. After you have loaded money into your account you can send funds to WebMoney poker sites and begin playing immediately. It is also completely free for users to transfer webmoney from other users.

If you have any trouble setting up your account there are very detailed instructions on the website as well as a very helpful customer service department that can answer any questions or solve any problems you may have.

Unlike many online wallet services, WebMoney isn’t a part of any international financial system and because of this you are unable to fund your account using payment services such as PayPal or Western Union. You can still do this through a third party service, but that will incur some extra fees. Some people feel that the use of third party services raises security questions, but WebMoney has been in business for over ten years now and haven’t experienced any known problems of this nature. Still, if you use a bank account to fund your WebMoney you will be fine. It should also be noted that unlike PayPal or credit card transactions, WebMoney transactions are final and cannot be retracted. Again, this shouldn’t be an issue if you are using this account to fund your online poker account.

WebMoney Fees for Poker Deposits

When you are making your deposit into an online poker site there will be a small fee incurred on the transaction. The fee is relatively fair at only .08% of the total which is extremely low compared to some other websites that we’ve seen. Most of the popular poker sites that offer WebMoney also offer 100% free withdrawals as well.

History of WebMoney

WebMoney is a virtual e-wallet service that was established in 1998. Despite their early start they didn’t become a preferred payment option until recently. Their recent foray into the online poker market has paid off well for them as well as their users. More and more WebMoney poker sites are being introduced every day with more on the way as poker rooms and users prefer their service.