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Online Casinos Accepting PayPalPayPal works best with the UK or European based online casinos. Since the United States has an anti-gambling stance, US players won't be able to use their PayPal accounts for gambling payments (Please see this page for a list of casinos accepting US players).

This page outlines the best options for depositing and cashing out with your PayPal account at an online casino. In most cases, you will earn an additional bonus just for using your PayPal account to deposit to a PayPal accepted casino.

Transferring your money from PayPal to a casino online is easy and secure. Assuming you already have a PayPal account, you simply log into the casino, click the cashier button and then click the PayPal logo. All PayPal casino deposits are instant and withdrawals are seamless with most transactions processed in less than 24 hours.

PayPal Casino Overview: How to Deposit / Cashout / Fees

In 2003 PayPal chose to voluntarily cease doing business with any and all online poker sites, sportsbooks or casinos. They did this because of the murky legal situation surrounding online gambling in the US and the UIGEA that was being enforced at that time. Losing the biggest payment processor in the world was a hit for many online casinos and, in many ways, payment processing has not been as good as it once was then. Luckily for us, PayPal decided in 2010 that they should get back into the game and resume dealing with online casinos in certain countries. Today PayPal casinos are some of the most reputable in the industry and are considered among the safest place on the internet to bet your money.

PayPal was founded way back in 1998 and immediately sprung into the lead as a top online payment processor. For years they were the top payment option of eBay users until eBay bought them for $1.5 billion in 2002. Since then PayPal has grown into a juggernaut that actually represents 40% of all of eBay’s revenue. They’ve seen many challengers to their crown as the top e-commerce business, but most have fallen by the wayside. Their recent return to the world of online casinos should only continue to strengthen their already strong brand.

In order to become accepted as a PayPal casino, websites must meet certain regulatory standards. Casino websites must first be legal in the country in which they operate and also be regulated by a governing agency in that same region. They also will only accept users from the same region that the casino is located in. Because of this US players are still unable to use PayPal as a way to play gamble online, but that could all change soon thanks to bills currently being drawn. However, as of now you must live in a region where online gambling is specifically legal. With PayPal’s blue print in place we expect more and more casinos to make strides to get themselves properly regulated and licensed.

PayPal’s high standards allow them to pick and choose only the most reputable online casinos, Paypal poker rooms and bingo sites.. Any casino that is approved by PayPal should be considered 100% safe and secure. Many of the casinos that PayPal uses currently are publicly traded companies with years of history behind them. Beyond that, PayPal has highly sophisticated security measures that go in to protecting your information that make PayPal fraud nearly impossible.

Signing up with PayPal is easy, but it does have a few extra steps that other payment processing services do not. You will need to verify your address and a bank account in order to use PayPal, but doing this protects both you and PayPal. Additionally, both deposits and withdrawals are much easier using PayPal. There is no long waits for money to clear your bank account or waiting on a check to come in a mail when you use PayPal casinos. Once your account is set up PayPal also offers a debit card option that will allow you to access funds in your PayPal account anywhere in the world with an ATM or by using it as a credit card. So you could conceivably take your blackjack winnings and spend them on a nice dinner with your PayPal debit card.

If anyone has ever purchased something off of eBay then they can tell you how easy and secure the website is to use. PayPal casinos represent the same ease and security only expanded to the world of online gambling. Websites that are approved by PayPal are considered to be the best in the industry and you will never have issues depositing or withdrawing money from these websites with PayPal.