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Best Poker Rooms Accepting UKashLaunched in 2005, UKash is a popular electronic cash and e-commerce brand that is amongst the premier online poker site payment processors. They are primarily used by users looking to transfer money into online poker or casino sites, but a UKash account can also be used for other transactions. UKash is ranked as one of the fast growing tech companies in the UK and because of this UKash poker sites are popping up all over lately as everyone wishes to use their safe, secure payment system.

UKash works slightly different than PayPal or MoneyBookers in that instead of having an online account with money in it, users are given a unique 19 digit code that represents the money in their account. This could works exactly like money and is completely unique for each user. UKash is electronic cash and only works with site that accept it as currency, such as Ukash poker sites.

Why UKash Poker sites?
UKash is a very simple, safe and easy way to add money to your online poker account. Users can pick up a UKash card at any participating retailer or purchase one online and begin playing with those funds on a poker site within minutes. It is preferred by many online poker players because UKash doesn’t use any personal information so users are completely protected and don’t have to worry about fraud or identity theft.  Money can easily be transferred to another UKash voucher and the users can do whatever they like with it from there.

USA Players Please Read - UKash is not an acceptable payment option for United States poker players. Have a look at our US poker deposit options page for a list of poker rooms accepting payment methods better suited for Americans.

What is UKash and How to Deposit to a UKash Poker Site

UKash cards can be bought online or over the counter at participating retailers. The cards basically work like a gift card so there is no complicated signup process. Users can load a card online by creating a free account at their website.

After purchasing a loaded card you can take it straight to your favorite online poker site and add the funds. UKash is gaining a lot of popularity with poker players because of the safety of using it. UKash cards are completely anonymous so there is no chance of having your identity stolen or other theft concerns that you will find with making online purchases. It is also extremely convenient for the player as they can pick up a UKash card along with their groceries and head right home to play poker with.

Who can use UKash?

Ukash is accepted in over 30 countries and is available throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and other countries. It is most popular in the UK, but it can be used in these other areas as well. Anyone who is old enough to legally play poker can purchase and use UKash to play real money poker online. Unfortunately, due to the current legal climate in the US regarding online poker American players aren’t currently permitted to use UKash poker sites.

Users who are buying online pay a 5% fee to have their UKash pin sent directly over the internet or receive a discounted rate of 4% if they want to want to have it mailed to them.

UKash Popularity in Online Poker

UKash is increasing in popularity with both users and poker sites. It is used as a payment option by many of the top poker sites including Party Poker, BetFair and 888 Poker.

UKash is also starting to be used more and more as a withdrawal method. This is done with the Ukash Payout system that is being added as an option to many online poker rooms. If you choose this method the funds can be added to another UKash voucher, an e-wallet account or even used in conjunction with a UKash prepaid virtual MasterCard that allows you to spend the money anywhere credit cards are accepted. Players who deposit money with UKash are not required to use this method and can instead take advantage of any of the poker sites withdrawal methods.