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Safest Online Poker RoomsWhether you are playing poker online or simply making a purchase on eBay, spending money online can seem like a risky proposition. Putting your money out into a virtual world and expecting something back can seem like a risky proposition. However, much like PayPal has made strides to make eBay purchases just as safe as purchasing something from Wal-Mart, many poker sites have made strides to make their users feel completely safe using their online poker website. The safest US poker sites are fully regulated or licensed by a governing agency and are completely open about their ownership. Let’s have a look at some of the safest online poker sites and how to help spot them.

Find Out Who Regulates the Poker Room

A great way to check out a poker site’s safety is by making sure it is regulated by a gaming commission. Nearly every website that you come across will be regulated by some sort of gaming commission which is why we recommend taking it one step further. Not all gaming commissions are created equally and some of them are more stringent than others because of this we like to do a simple Google search on the gaming commission and see what we can find out about them. Finding a gaming commission that holds itself to the highest standards is a great way to finding a secure poker room that does the same.

Which US Poker Sites Are the Safest for Americans?

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You Need to Read Reviews to Find Trustworthy Poker Sites

In addition to using a Google search to find out more information about a gaming commission, you’d be surprised how much information you can garner by searching a particular poker website. There will be literally hundreds or thousands of reviews of an online poker website that come up on your search. While many of these reviews may be of no consequence to you, it is important to look for customer feedback. One negative review might not mean anything, but many negative reviews and complaints of transaction problems should set off red flags for you. This will help to determine whether a poker site is trustworthy or not. As the saying goes, where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Features You Should Look for With Secure Poker Sites

An important and often overlooked factor in finding a safe and licensed online poker site is by finding out information about the business behind the poker room. The trustworthy and most legit poker sites are well run, quality businesses that are tightly run with the highest internal standards. These companies strive to keep their money separate for their players money and keep excellent care of their players funds,  even going so far as to use a separate bank account.

Additionally, many of the most secure poker sites give themselves a public face or a company name on their website. For instance, Bovada is run by the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group and makes no secret of that fact. A nice, trusted poker site should make information like this public and if you are unable to find the owner of a poker site without a simple internet search than they might not be safe.

Are Smaller Online Poker Sites Safe & Secure?

While the size of a poker room can often be a good characteristic of its safety that is not always the case. Many larger poker sites can be just as unsafe as any smaller one and vice versa. The key to finding a safe poker site is not by looking at its size, but by paying close attention the things we mentioned earlier. A poker site’s security has a lot more to do with their licensing and public image than it does how many players are sitting at its $5/$10 no-limit table.

Online poker has gone through many ups and downs over the past few years and the UIGEA has made it difficult for US online poker players to enjoy online poker. However, these ups and downs should be soon as sort of a necessary evil because after every negative thing that has happened we have seen licensed poker sites take steps to correct themselves and make their products better. In a lot of ways playing poker online today is a lot safer and more secure than it has ever been. With online poker looming on the verge of legalization in the US, things should only continue to get safer and hopefully one day soon questions like this will become obsolete.