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TopPokerSites.com is an independent website run by poker afficiandos. We found we were spending more time answering our friend's questions about online poker than actually playing poker online, so we decided to just start this guide to what we've found to be the Internet's top poker sites.

And once we started, we had a hard time stopping, as evidenced by the dozens of guides and strategy articles TopPokerSites.com now contains - a list that grows every week as we add new insights to finding the top poker site for your online play.

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Is there a problem with one of our guides? Or just something you'd like to see us add? We're available at any time to answer your questions about TopPokerSites.com, about specific online poker rooms or just to talk some poker, if that's what you're looking to do.

Here's how to contact the staff at TPS. For more on the writers behind our site, keep reading!

TopPokerSites.com Staff

The writers at TopPokerSites.com all share one thing in common: each is an online poker player with years of experience under their belt. The games they play (and the stakes they play them for), may differ, but each writer knows what they're talking about when it comes to playing real-money poker on the Internet. Read on to get to know a bit more about the writers that make up TopPokerSites.com.

Lucy Brown

Lucy Brown is our resident tech junkie, handling reviews of the latest online poker apps for the most cutting-edge platforms and operating systems. If there's a new way to play online poker - be it mobile, tablet or (maybe someday) smartwatch - there's a good chance Lucy will be heading up our guides to the top poker sites for those and all other emerging technologies.

Shane Larson

A long-time tournament specialist with thousands of games under his belt, Shane Warner evaluates rooms from a player perspective with an eye toward features that will be of interest to serious, high-volume players. Shane also handles the bulk of our strategy guides devoted to MTT or SNG play as well as our poker news. You can keep up to date with Shane by following him on

Charles Washington

Charles has worked nearly every job there is in online poker, and has written about it all along the way. He brings a depth of experience and insight to our site guides that helps make TopPokerSites.com one of the most trusted and frequently-cited sites for evaluating online poker rooms.

Stephen Smith

No poker site would be complete without someone to pull it all together, and that's the role of Stephen Smith, our managing editor. Stephen sets the plan for TopPokerSites, determining what aspects of online poker rooms require extra attention in our review process and managing our proprietary review formula to ensure that it's always an accurate reflection of what real online poker players are looking for in a poker site.

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