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Best PayPal Bingo SitesPayPal is an online payment method that is considered one of the safest avenues to transfer funds over the Internet, hence, rendering it highly popular with bingo players.

PayPal's Development as an Online Gambling Payment Method

PayPal bingo sites are on the rise. PayPal now stands as the world's most widely used e-wallet. When online gambling was still fairly new, though, operators did not have the option of using it for gambling transactions, as it seemed too risky. Several years down the line, Internet gambling has become a properly regulated industry with a good reputation with large, trusted brands. Consequentially, PayPal has started opening its doors to bingo and other gambling operators, making it possible for players to have access to the simplest and most familiar payment method online.

Today, the bingo sites that offer PayPal as a payment option are those with valid EU and UK endorsed remote gambling licenses.

More About PayPal Bingo Sites - How to Deposit / Cash Out / Security

To make a cash deposit into your online bingo account via PayPal, you simply visit the banking or cashier section of the gaming site and select your preferred payment method as PayPal. You will be required to verify your PayPal identification by entering a relevant email address, after which you proceed to select the cash amount you want to place in "play."

As long as the money in your PayPal account is sufficient, the amount you have specified will immediately be moved to the bingo site. Even if you have not transferred funds into your PayPal account, the bingo site can use your PayPal account to access your money in an alternative funding option that you have selected and linked to your PayPal account, which could be a debit or credit card, so that the bingo site will not obtain any of your personal financial details—this data is secured safely within your PayPal account. Another alternative for funding your PayPal account is to connect it to a bank account and transfer money from your bank account to your PayPal account, and then to your bingo site account. The only downside to this is a delay that typically takes anywhere from three business days to a week. Once the money is deposited into the bingo site, you can officially begin playing online bingo for real money at your favorite PayPal bingo site. As a side bonus, the biggest bingo sites now offer mobile apps. You can use your Paypal account to load your bingo account and play anywhere on your iPad or Android.

When cashing out winnings, you simply specify the amount you wish to withdraw and transfer it back into your PayPal account. You can then let the money remain in the account for use elsewhere, pull it out using a PayPal debit card, or cash it out to your bank account.

Are PayPal Bingo Sites Safe?

PayPal online money transfer comes with unparalleled financial security. There are no credit card details required when registering as a PayPal account holder, and it uses state-of-the-art data encryption technology, making it the safest way to transfer money to an online bingo site. Using a PayPal bingo sites assures players of the safety of their bank account and credit or debit card details. Also, rather than having to risk giving your credit card details to bingo sites, you only part with your PayPal account information, which is actually nothing more than the underlying email address to the account. After this, nothing stand's in your way whether you want to transfer money to or from your bingo account using PayPal. What's more, PayPal acts as an information buffer between your funding source and the bingo site, thus, adding another level of personal security.

Advantages of Using PayPal Bingo Sites

PayPal bingo sites adhere to strict criteria that vendors must meet to be approved as a merchant account, making PayPal a grade A payment processor. Because of this, PayPal fees are sometimes higher than those of other payment methods. All the same, the demand for PayPal deposit method among players remains strong, thanks to the advantages PayPal bingo sites offer. These include the following:

  • Ease of use. All a player has to do to make a deposit at their favorite PayPal bingo site is enter their email address and password.
  • No extra fees charged for using PayPal to cash out or deposit into a bingo site.
  • Anonymity. Using PayPal to fund your online bingo account keeps transactions private from your banking statements.
  • Convenience when it comes to transferring funds.
  • Excellent dispute resolution. In case of a problem during transaction, there is a great dispute console that is fast and effective, making PayPal the safest way to transfer money online.