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Betting Sites Accepting Paypal DepositsSportsbetting is one of the biggest industries in the gambling world today. Players love to place bets on their favorite teams or try to beat the spread. Sportsbetting is a great way to make a sporting event more fun and exciting. Online betting sites have taken off in recent years and has created an entirely new market with tons of new players looking for an edge.

In sports betting, you have to pay the house a percentage of your losses or a “juice” and because of this players are always looking for a cheaper way to securely deposit money into their online sports betting account. PayPal sportsbetting sites are a great option for those who have it available to them as PayPal is the most trusted e-wallet on the internet today.

Why use PayPal for sportsbetting?

PayPal is the leading online payment processor in the world and for good reason, they have excellent safety measures in place and they do not charge exorbitant fees on transactions. PayPal has excellent customer service and cashouts done using PayPal are processed quickly. Any online betting site that offers PayPal as a deposit or payout option should be considered to be of the highest quality and extremely trustworthy.

PayPal Online Betting Site FAQ

In 2003 PayPal voluntarily stopped dealing with any and all online gambling sites because of the legality issues that arose in the United States at this time. However, in 2010 they began dealing with certain online bookmakers and gambling sites again. Users from the United States are still unable to use PayPal for sportsbetting, casino deposits or poker. Players from United Kingdom, Australia or other countries can.

PayPal allows users to transfer to betting sites that are located in countries where sportsbetting is legal. The sportsbetting site must also be properly licensed in that area in order for them to be accepted by PayPal.

Is PayPal sportsbetting safe?

Because of PayPal’s strict standards regarding sportsbetting sites, you can feel 100% secure when using an online bookmaker that accepts PayPal. All of the companies that PayPal allows are licensed in their home area where gambling is considered legal and many of them are actually publicly traded companies.

Are there fees associated with PayPal betting deposits?

Users who fund their PayPal account using a bank account do not incur any fees, but if they are using a credit card they will have a fee of 2.9% on the transaction.

When depositing money into a PayPal sportsbetting site, the website you are depositing into will also have a fee, but nearly all sportsbook cover this fee for you. This is a reason that PayPal is a great option for sports bettors as there are very little to no fees associated with putting money into your sportsbetting account.

PayPal has served millions of customers online since their inception back in 1998. In the early days of the internet they had many competitors, but they have outlasted or outgrown them all. PayPal was purchased by eBay in2003 and they’ve continued to grow as the years have gone by. Last year they had revenues of over a billion dollars which made up over 40% of eBay’s total earnings. The odds are that you probably already have an account, but if you don’t it is extremely easy to set up although it does take a little bit of time. After entering a little bit of personal information you will need to add banking information and at that point PayPal will verify your bank account. This process can take a couple of days to complete, but once you are verified your account is completely safe. Your verified account will allow you access to PayPal’s extremely fast money transferring capabilities.