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Prepaid Debit CardsTen years ago, debit cards were just becoming part of the global vocabulary.  Now, there are a variety of debit card products for a variety of consumer uses.  One of the more interesting applications of debit cards has emerged in the last year or so as an increasing amount of poker players have turned to pre-paid debit cards to deposit at online poker rooms.

How do these cards work?  Why do poker players use prepaid debit cards at online poker sites?  We're going to cover that ground and touch on a few other germane issues as we walk through our guide to depositing at online poker sites using a prepaid debit card.

Best Site for Playing Poker Using Prepaid Debit Cards

In terms of deposit limits, fees and transaction processing time, Sportsbetting Poker comes out on top among rooms where prepaid debit cards are a popular deposit option.  The room was one of the first to really embrace the deposit method, and as a result has some of the best support for players looking to fund an online poker account via prepaid debit.

Acceptance rates are quite high for prepaid debit cards at Sportsbetting Poker, and the process for depositing using a prepaid card is simple.  You proceed as if you were making a standard credit card deposit and the system guides you through the rest.  If you have any problems during the three step process, simply pause the transaction and contact live chat support.

Once you've completed your deposit, you'll find a cash game lobby that features no limit hold'em, pot limit omaha and a variety of mixed games like HORSE and HOSE.  Tournaments on offer include a solid lineup of low and mid-stakes sit and go tournaments along with several dozen MTTs spread out across a daily schedule.  You can make a free account and explore the room on your own in just a few minutes.

USA Players Please Read - None of the poker rooms accepting US players accept debit cards from Americans. However, you can use a prepaid Visa to deposit. Check out this page which outlines poker rooms accepting Prepaid Visa deposits from US players, or have a look at our main deposit page.

Why Do Players Use Prepaid Debit Cards for Poker Online?

Prepaid debit cards are actually a pretty natural solution to the problem of depositing at an online poker room.  When you're trying out a new room, you might not want to go through the hassle of making a bank transfer.  If you're not familiar with the room, you might not feel entirely copasetic about handing over your credit card information.  Finally, perhaps your preferred payment method might not be accepted at the room, and you need a quick stopgap in order to get a few bucks on to your account for a test run.

A prepaid debit card knocks out all of these problems at once, and also provides some privacy surrounding your transactions.  Let's face it - you don't have anything to hide, but not everyone is interested in leaving a record of exactly how much money they've deposited at online poker rooms.  Using prepaid debit cards ensures another level of distance between yourself and a verifiable, available record of your online poker transactions, which is an attractive characteristic in a payment method for some players.

Are Prepaid Debit Cards A Secure Option?

Prepaid debit cards are actually one of the most secure options you can use to make a deposit at an online poker site.  Since the card only has a set amount of money on it and is essentially disposable, using a prepaid debit card effectively limits your total risk to the amount of money that you load onto the card.

Easy to use, secure and fairly convenient when all is said and done, you can expect prepaid debit cards to gain even more popularity among online poker players as the products become more customized to the specific needs of those who play poker online.  For now, they're a great way to quickly make small deposits on just about any poker site from just about any country in the world.