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888 Poker Competition - Fish Level at 888.com

Take two online poker sites - let's say 888 Poker and PartyPoker - and compare them side by side. When you're just looking at the surface, the two rooms look pretty similar. But you could say the same thing about two tables of live poker after just a quick glance. The big variable, sometimes not visible to the human eye, is the level of competition at each table or each site.

It's tough to get a sense of how skilled the competition at 888 Poker is without first-hand experience. And we've got that experience, which we've distilled for you in this handy guide to the strength of competition at 888 Poker.

Reasons Why 888 Poker is Softer Than Average Sites

There's one core reason why 888 Poker hosts games that are, on average, softer than games at other major online poker rooms. That reason? Marketing to casual players is at the very core of 888 Poker's approach to the business of online poker. While other poker sites have decided to battle each other for the attention of a small but profitable base of high-volume players, 888 Poker has taken a different approach and attempted to expand the market for online poker.

By doing so, 888 Poker ensures that a number of players who are relatively new to the game of poker will be at their tables - and those are the players that can help you to build a solid bankroll at 888 Poker in a hurry.

Another factor that attracts casual players to 888 Poker: banking. You can learn all about depositing and withdrawing at 888 Poker here, but for the purposes of this guide it's sufficient to note that 888 offers more payment options, lower deposit minimums and faster turnaround times than many other leading online poker sites - features that are very important to recreational players.

Webcam Tables at 888 Poker - Easier Than Regular Games?

The jury is still out on this one, but many people seem to think that the webcam table at 888 Poker just attract a more casual (read: not as good at poker) class of online poker customers. And we suppose it's possible that something about the information you get via webcams could prove advantageous to a skilled player. But our opinion is that 888 Poker is softer than the typical poker site across the board, and that webcam tables are a part of that - not the only part of 888 where you'll find weaker competition than average.

Competition at Play Money Games vs Real Money Games

If you're making the transition from free play poker at 888 to the real-money games 888 offers, take note: while there are plenty of bad players in the real-money games, they tend to be bad in different ways. The point is not to assume that the tactics which worked for you in play money poker will translate to real-money success. Play money players tend to error on the side of being too aggressive with their play, making often unnecessary bluffs and risking chips wantonly. But real-money players tend to error on the side of being too timid, not raising when they should and often calling or folding in spots where they should be charging opponents to play.

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