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One of the noticeable differences going from live to online poker is that you lose the social aspect of the game. Things like facial expressions, tells, taunts and general chit-chat. Your standard 2D poker room does very little to make up for it.

3D poker sites do, though. A 3D poker site gives you that "real life" poker experience, but from the comfort of your own home. Visit one of our recommended 3D poker sites to see for yourself, or you can read more about 3D poker sites below.

The Differences Between 2D and 3D Poker

There are several (big) differences between a 2D and 3D poker site.

One example is the graphics. A 2D poker site is like an old-school video game. Everything is flat -- the table, view, background and avatars.

A 3D poker site is the opposite. Poker sites in 3D have some of the best poker software available in todays market. Your character is 3D, and has the ability to turn it's head (camera pan) to see every player at the table. Like a first person shooter. You're also able to view the table from above, behind your player and the other players. Plus other angles you wouldn't think of, all in a 3D environment. The environments look real, too; bar rooms, homes, casinos and decks of boats.

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Best 3D Poker Software

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888 Poker is the only site that offers real 3D graphics. There are two different versions you can access. The first is the standard poker room, where the tables and avatars are built in 3D. The second version is the web-cam version where you can play against real players streamlined through a web cam. It doesn’t get any more 3D than that! 888 Poker consistently delivers some of the best promotions. Read our review to find out how you can receive a free $8 no deposit bonus just for signing up.

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Playing Poker on a 3D Poker Site

Basically, a 3D poker site is like playing a video game.

What's more, and arguably more important, is the social element that 3D poker sites bring (back) to the table. 3D poker sites let you create characters and customize them with their own clothes, taunts, dances, expressions and tricks. You can use all of these elements to create a table image, irritate your opponents and give off (fake) tells. Everything you'd be able to do in a live poker setting.

You can't do this on a 2D poker site. All you have at your disposal is the chat box, and if available, emoticons. You know, the little smilies that you use in instant messengers, emails and forums.

Do you really expect to fake your opponent out with an upside-down smiley face?

The Love/Hate Relationship Between Poker Players and 3D Poker Sites

There is a love/hate relationship with 3D poker sites. Poker players love to play at these sites, yet hate them at the same time. Here's why:

  • Love - Players love 3D poker sites because they can create characters, interact with other players and play poker in vivid 3D environments. You get to play a video game for real money.
  • Hate - Players don't want to deal with lagging or having to buy new equipment to handle heavy 3D software.
  • Love - Players love to perform chip tricks, dance after hitting one outers and make fun of their opponents.
  • Hate - 3D games are slower paced since players likes to dance and taunt each other. This results in fewer hands played and a smaller hourly rate.
  • Love - Many pros avoid these sites because of the slower paced games, so 3D poker sites have more fish.
  • Love - There are more 3D sites to choose from now compared to a couple of years ago.
  • Hate - Most, if not all 3D poker sites worth playing at do not accept US players.

What Makes the Best 3D Poker Sites Stand Out?

The best 3D poker sites are going to have qualities that other 3D sites do not. Things like...

  • Alternative (lighter) versions of their software for older computers.
  • Mac specific download, since 3D software is too heavy for a browser/flash version.
  • Has a large player base (even though some players avoid the site to earn higher hourly rates).
  • Polished graphics. I think a 3D poker site with rough graphics defeats the purpose.

These points are all in addition to finding a trustworthy site with a generous deposit bonus, VIP program, a number of deposit options and fast support. Things you should look for in any poker site.

Why Should You Play at 3D Poker Sites?

3D poker sites aren't for everyone. For a player like me that's more concerned with hourly rates, I'd prefer to play at a 2D site. Unless I want to play for fun.

However, if you play poker for fun after work or on the weekends, then a 3D poker site could be for you.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you want a realistic experience?
  • Do you want to chat with other players or try to put them on tilt?
  • Do you want to play a video game?
  • Do you want an experience like your weekly home game?

If you answer to any of these questions is yes, than you should definitely consider a 3D poker site.