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Neteller Accepted Poker RoomsFor many players, Neteller is the original online gambling wallet.  A company that grew up as online poker exploded in popularity across the globe, Neteller continues to be one of the leaders in payment processing for online poker and online gambling properties. 

Despite this, many poker players - especially those just getting started in the game - may be unfamiliar with what Neteller is, how it works or why they might want to use Neteller for deposits and withdrawals at online poker rooms.  We'll cover those topics and more in this fast guide to using Neteller for online poker deposits.

Best Online Poker Room for Neteller Deposits / Withdrawals

This round goes to 888 Poker, a room that offers players the best Neteller-friendly online poker experience available.  While plenty of high-quality online poker sites accept Neteller, we think 888 stands apart from the pack.  Speed works in 888 Poker's favor; once you register your Neteller account with 888, deposits can be in your account within 10 seconds - one of the fastest deposit processing times in the industry.  Security is another factor working to 888's advantage - with the long-standing and close relationship between 888 Poker and Neteller, you can be sure that there won't be any issues with your transaction.

Ultimately, a great poker room has to deliver on multiple fronts - not just one.  Yes, it's ultra-easy to use Neteller at 888 Poker, but what about the quality of the room beyond that single aspect?  Fortunately for 888, the room has plenty of things to recommend it beyond tight Neteller integration.  Players at 888 Poker will have their pick from thousands of cash game and tournaments at any hour of the day, and can earn some of the most rewarding bonuses while playing at those tables.

USA Players Please Read - Neteller does not allow US players to use their services for deposits or withdrawals to US poker rooms. Please see our poker deposit page for a list of payment options used by US poker players

Can I Trust Neteller?  Is it Secure?

Any financial transaction involves some element of risk.  With Neteller, that element of risk is about as minor as you could hope for.  The company has handled untold billions in gambling-related transactions in one of the most challenging industry climates imaginable, and has nothing but a sterling track record to show for it.  Other online wallets have come and gone, but Neteller has literally stood the test of time - a somewhat remarkable feat in the ever-changing world of online poker.

How Quick are Neteller Transactions at Poker Sites?

At major online poker rooms where you've registered your Neteller account, transactions should take place at a speed that approaches instant.  This is one of the core advantages of Neteller; when you need to move your funds from one place to the next, it's harder to do it any more rapidly than you can using Neteller.  

Can I Use Neteller at all Online Poker Sites?

Neteller is perhaps the most widely-accepted online gambling wallet in the world.  The wallet is not available to players from all countries, but if you can create a Neteller account the chances are you'll be able to use it at the vast majority of online poker rooms - certainly at any major poker room online.  If Neteller is not listed as a deposit option, either contact poker room support or Neteller support for more information.

Neteller has been the online wallet of choice for the first generation of online poker players, and the company looks set to extend that trend for several generations to come.  Speed, security and simplicity are the keys to this wallet's success among online gamblers - take it for a spin at our top-rated Neteller poker room right now.