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888 Poker Rakeback Review

Can you get rakeback at 888 Poker? The answer to that question is, on one level, pretty simple: Yes, 888 Poker has programs that allow you to receive some of the rake you pay at their cash games or the fees you pay to enter 888 Poker tournaments back into your account.

But the question gets a bit more complicated when you dig into exactly how rakeback is awarded at 888 Poker - and when you ask how much rakeback you can earn at 888 Poker. We've got the answers to those and other points of interests for players considering 888 in this article covering rakeback at 888 Poker.

Is 888 Poker rakeback available?

Yes. You can get rakeback at 888 Poker. But if you're thinking of rakeback in the old school sense of the term, where you get a certain percentage of your rake returned to you no matter how much you play, then you're thinking of something different than the rakeback that 888 Poker offers.

Rakeback at 888 Poker is paid out through the 888 Poker VIP Program. There are varying tiers to the program, and the higher tiers bring with them higher rakeback percentages. Moving up tiers requires monthly (and potentially annual) rake targets.

How can I figure out 888 Poker rakeback?

Determining the rakeback value of a specific bonus, promotion or VIP level only requires a small amount of math. The basic formula you should be working with looks like this:

Amount of reward / Amount of rake required to generate reward = Rakeback value

Simple as that. Let's take the opening bonus at 888 Poker for an example. You get 100% on your first bonus up to a maximum of $400. To earn each $10 the bonus, you need to get 100 status points. You get 2 status points from 888 Poker for every dollar you pay in rake, meaning that earning the whole $400 bonus will require 4000 status points, or $2000 in rake.

So let's take those numbers and go back to our formula:

Amount of reward ($400) / Amount of rake required to generate reward ($2000) = Rakeback value (20%).

You can apply the same formula to VIP rewards and practically any bonus or promotion 888 Poker offers. Remember, as you move up the tiers of the VIP program at 888, you earn points at a faster rate - meaning the amount of the bonuses you get for the same amount of play is greater at the higher levels than at the lower levels.

What is the maximum rakeback rate at 888 Poker?

The top posted cashback percentage of the 888 Poker VIP program is 36%. You can earn additional 888 Poker rakeback via the 888 Poker opening bonus and other ongoing promotions at 888.

How do I sign up for 888 Poker rakeback?

As 888 Poker rakeback is awarded through the VIP program and standard promotions, you don't need to do anything to sign up for rakeback at 888 Poker - all players are automatically eligible. But to maximize your rakeback earnings at 888 Poker, you will need to ascend the tiers of the 888 VIP Program - click here for complete details on the tiers and requirements of the 888 Poker VIP program.

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