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New Online POker SitesThe world of online poker changes quite literally every day, with new rooms opening and old ones closing their doors.  That change represents tremendous opportunity for online poker players who are smart and quick enough to take advantage of what new poker sites have to offer.

If you have questions about new poker sites, then this guide should prove useful.  We're going to explore which new rooms are wise choices for online poker players, discuss the advantages of playing at newer sites and finally offer some thoughts about why new poker rooms continue to open in the always-challenging online poker arena.

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New Poker Room + Instant Deposit Bonuses -

Betonline Poker

BetOnline Poker is one of the “newish” poker sites on the market. The poker room caters to all markets, including the US and provides an online poker room as well as a betting site and casino. The poker room offers all new players a cash bonus valued at 25% of your initial deposit up to $900. Other benefits include Mac compatible poker software, easy to use player options, great support which you can receive over the phone and the ability to process all credit card deposits.

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25% up to $900

Newest Poker Site on the Revolution Gaming Network -

Sportsbetting Poker

Sportsbetting Poker is a new poker site on the Revolution Network. The poker room offers a 3D like poker client. The poker room offers sharp clean graphics in addition to multiple user options and the ability to transition easily from one table to the next when multi-tabling. Like Betonline, Sportsbetting Poker also offers an instant deposit bonus. Join this poker room using the links in our review and receive a 25% instant deposit bonus up to $900.

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New Sites Are Often Part of Established Poker Networks

Players might be apprehensive about trying newer online poker sites for a few reasons.  They could worry that the room won't have enough games, as new rooms can have trouble attracting players at the start.  They might also be concerned that new rooms lack a track record for handling player funds and security in a responsible manner.

These concerns are absolutely valid, but there is a way that players can reap all of the rewards of playing at new poker rooms without taking nearly any of the risks: By playing at new rooms that are part of established networks.  We've written an extensive breakdown of how poker networks operate that you can read here, but the simple version goes like this:  Networks are collections of different rooms that share a common player pool.  By doing so, they allow small rooms that wouldn't be able to exist on their own the ability to attach themselves to a larger group of rooms.  Everyone gets more traffic, so everyone wins.

Obviously, choosing new rooms that are a part of an existing online poker network solves the problem of traffic.  It also helps to alleviate concerns about security, as the room will generally be using the same software that all rooms on the network use; in many cases, the network will also be responsible for banking functions, further decreasing the worries new players have about playing for real money at a newer online poker site.

Players Tend Get More Generous Promotions at New Poker Sites

What does a new retail store do when they open their doors?  They tend to throw big sales to get people through the door.  Online poker rooms do more or less the same thing by offering players a wider and more generous variety of promotions at launch.  It's simply the easiest way for a new poker site to make a splash, and for players that keep close watch on the industry exploiting these overly generous promotions can be an easy way to book a tidy boost to the old bankroll.

The catch, of course, is that all good things come to an end.  New rooms can only afford to run high-value promotions for a certain period of time, and if you're not there during that period of time to take advantage, then you're out of luck.  Building a weekly routine where you research new poker sites and scope their bonus offerings might seem a little tedious, but your bottom line will definitely thank you for doing so.

New Poker Rooms Fill Gaps in the Market

Why are new online poker sites always opening?  Well, to be honest, some of them open because a business has too much money and not enough ideas.  The good ones, however, open because they fill a need in the market.  Many times, a room will open simply because it has a unique ability to market to a particular demographic of poker players (or potential poker players).  Other times, a room could offer a specific feature or version of the game that other sites aren't offering (or aren't offering enough of).  Whatever the particular reason behind a given room, poker players should be grateful for the steady stream of new options, innovative features and value-rich bonuses that new online poker sites provide.