Real Money iPhone Poker

Real Money iPhone Poker AppsWhile there are no doubt some advantages to owning an iPhone as compared to a competing device, being able to easily play online poker for real money isn't necessarily one of them.  There are options available for playing poker on your iPhone - just not the same amount and variety of options that someone with an Android device enjoys.

You're not here to read about playing poker on an Android, though (if you are, we do have a guide to Android poker here).  You're here to learn about playing real money online poker using your iPhone.

  Here's our top pick for iPhone online poker, along with a few drawbacks to iPhone poker apps, a quick guide to getting set up and a few words about making sure you stay secure while using your iPhone to play poker online.

Real Money iPhone Poker / Casino for US Players

Poker Room
Poker Room Highlights
Drake Casino for Android
100% up to $5000
  • Offers a 100% to $5000 casino bonus
  • Only provides casino games for Android - online poker is not available
  • Accepts US players & all US deposit options
Licensed in Canada
Slotland for Android
100% up to $1000
  • Offers a 100% to $1000 casino bonus
  • Slotland does not offer mobile poker. Instead provides mobile slots
  • This casino is US friendly and paying out winners since 1996
Licensed in Canada

Best Poker App (Real Money) for iPhones

We give our top rating for real money poker on the iPhone to the 888 Poker app for the iPhone.  888 (which also offers an Android app) nabs the honor thanks to a combination of the room's core strengths and the quality of their app for the iPhone.

Let's talk about the core strengths of 888 Poker.  With a huge player base active across thousands of cash and tournament tables, 888 is a great place to learn poker, to improve your game or to rack up a bit more profit if you're already a winning poker player.  Most online poker players care primarily about banking, security and software, areas where 888 Poker has won multiple awards from player and industry groups.

The iPhone app extends that reputation for quality, providing players with a stable, secure way to play poker on the iPhone.  Choosing a table is simple thanks to the custom "quick seat" feature, and the interface feels expansive and easy to use.  Playing multiple games isn't as easy as it could be, but that's not going to be a deal breaker for most players.  Overall, the quality of the design and execution (in our view) overwhelms the minor drawbacks of the 888 app.

Drawbacks to iPhone Poker Apps

The obvious drawback is one we've already discussed - there are fewer apps for the iPhone that let you play poker for money than there are for Android-powered devices.  That's only a drawback if you can't find the app you're looking for, or if you're a player who craves constant variety.

Another significant drawback that will impact a good amount of players:  You can't use any third-party programs like Hold'em Manager or any odds calculators when playing poker on your iPhone.  If you rely on such programs to give you an edge at the poker table, you might be out of luck - at least for now.  As the market for mobile poker continues to grow, we'll eventually see such addons emerge, but for now, you're on your own.

Installing Poker Apps on Your iPhone

As iPhone owners know, installing apps on your iPhone is exceedingly easy.  You can either locate the app you're looking for via search in the App Store, or - if you're having trouble locating the app - visit the webpage for the room using your iPhone, where you'll likely be redirected to information about installing the app for that room.

If a room requires you to jailbreak your iPhone or complete a similarly complicated procedure to install their app, you might want to think twice about playing at that room using your iPhone.  While the company isn't necessarily rogue, you might be getting more trouble than you bargained for either way.  Stick with reputable providers that have approved apps in the App Store for online poker and you'll steer clear of any unwanted trouble.

Maintaining Security When Playing Poker on the iPhone

Speaking of trouble, let's wrap up with a couple of words regarding security and real money poker on your iPhone.  Playing poker on your phone is a much different animal than playing poker on your Mac or laptop.  For one, your iPhone is far more likely to be lost, misplaced or stolen than your home computer, so protect yourself by taking simple steps like not saving your password or log in for the poker room.

Another important consideration: Your iPhone is far more likely to use a variety of connections than your laptop or home computer, including public connections like those found at coffee shops.  Setting your phone to not automatically connect to open networks and playing only when you are on a secure connection are smart steps that can help you to protect your information from prying eyes.