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Poker Sites with Small / Low DepositsDepositing at an online poker room can sometimes feel like a tiresome, overly complicated process.  Rooms offer several - often a few dozen - options for making a deposit, and each method has slightly different policies attached.  What's worse, some rooms don't let you view complete details about the methods the room accepts for deposits until after you've already made an account.

We're looking to make depositing at an online poker rooms a much simpler, even stress-free experience with our collection of guides that will help you to master the process of making a poker deposit at an online site.  In this particular guide, we're going to cover deposit minimums - why rooms have them, how to research them and a few thoughts about what players looking to make a small deposit to play online should consider before they commit to depositing.

Highest-Rated Room With Low Deposit Requirements

Before we talk more about the mechanics of deposit minimums at online poker sites, let's quickly talk about our top-rated poker site with low deposit requirements: Bovada Poker accepts nearly all US deposit options including money transfers, prepaid Visa deposits and credit cards.

The great thing for online poker players who are only looking to deposit a small amount of money:  The minimum deposit at Bovada Poker is generally $20.   That means no matter what method you use, you'll be able to make a deposit that fits within your poker budget.  With other major rooms offering deposit minimums closer to $25 or $50, BetOnline Poker  offers a clear advantage to those online poker players looking to keep their deposits small without compromising when it comes to using the payment method they prefer.

25% up to $900

A Minimum of $50 Required to Deposit at

Betonline Poker

BetOnline Poker’s minimum poker deposit requirements are slightly higher than the other sites which is we have them listed last. This does not mean the site doesn’t have as much to offer as the others. BetOnline accepts all credit cards and has a better processing rate than most other sites. The smallest poker deposit accepted is $50 using a Visa, MasterCard or American Express. This poker site also accepts eChecks.

BetOnline Poker Review >

Why Do Poker Sites Have Deposit Minimums?

When you swipe your credit card at the grocery store, the store doesn't get to keep 100% of the payment; instead, they pay a small flat fee or percentage to the credit card company that issued your card.  Just like any other business, online poker sites have to pay a cut of each transaction back to the company that facilitated the transaction.  Those costs can add up quickly, and as they often involve some minimum fee, accepting small deposits can actually be a losing proposition for poker sites.

There's no doubt that online poker sites would prefer to be able to accept any size deposit players wished to make - even if you're just talking about a few pennies.  Until the nature of online payment processing changes, however, accepting micro-deposits will continue to be prohibitively expensive for online poker sites, and players will be forced to make minimum deposits that, while modest, may still exceed the amount of money a player is interested in putting online.

Important Notes for Minimum Deposit Players

When you're searching for a quality poker room that also offers low deposit minimums, there are a couple of things you should be aware of:

  1. Deposit Minimums Vary by Payment Method: Not all payment methods have the same deposit minimum.  When you see a room advertising a certain minimum, or read a review of the room that claims the deposit minimum is a certain amount, just remember that they could be referring to a particular method and not a blanket policy.  Generally speaking, credit cards and online wallets like Skrill tend to have the lowest deposit minimums, while options that draw deposits directly from your bank (wire, direct transfer) have the highest deposit methods.
  2. Don't Forget to Confirm Withdrawal Minimums:  Some rooms play a nasty little trick on players by offering a low deposit minimum but then ratcheting up the minimum amount a player can withdraw.  Our pick for top low deposit minimum room - BetOnline Poker  You want a good relationship between deposit minimums and withdrawal minimums - withdrawal minimums should also be equal to (or, ideally, less than) deposit minimums.

Now that you're equipped with a complete understanding of deposit minimums, it's time to put that knowledge into action.  To get the most out of your minimum deposit at an online poker room, use this link to make an absolutely free account at BetOnline Poker, our pick for the best poker site for players looking to make a small deposit at an online poker room.