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Wire Transfer Poker SitesBank wires may seem a bit antiquated in this age of online wallets and electronic checks, but the good old fashioned bank wire continues to play a relevant and significant role in the online poker banking ecosystem.  In this quick guide to depositing at online poker sites using a bank wire, we'll share our top picks for wire-friendly rooms, walk through the process of using a bank wire at a poker site and cover a few odds and ends regarding bank wires as a method for online poker deposits.

Best Poker Room Accepting Bank Wires

It's a close call, but ultimately we give our top rating in this category to Party Poker.  There are a handful of reasons why Party deserves the title of best poker room that accepts bank wire deposits - let's start with security.  When you're using bank wires to deposit, it often (although not always) means that you're dealing with large amounts of money.  If that's the case, you want to be dealing with a room where there's not even a whiff of a potential that something could go wrong, and Party Poker fits that bill.

You also want to know that there's a reliable customer support team there to answer any questions you have about the process, and that the room and software is of high enough quality to justify the time and effort involved in making a wire transfer.  Again, Party Poker earns high marks on all of the above points; as one of the biggest poker rooms on the planet, players at Party never lack for games.  The software itself is the product of years upon years of refinement, and is generally thought of as one of the more reliable, stable and yet innovative platforms in the industry.

Top Online Poker Sites Accepting Bank Wires / Transfers

Poker Room
Poker Room Highlights
100% up to $1,000
  • Easy to clear 100% to $1,000 deposit bonus
  • Win a seat to the WSOP or any live tournament
  • Best customer support and software for USA
Licensed in Antigua
100% up to $500
  • 100% to $500 First Deposit Bonus
  • Accepts Bitcoin, Visa & Mastercard
  • Oldest & Most Trusted US Poker Site
Licensed in Antigua
25% up to $900
  • Receive a 25% instant cash bonus on all deposits
  • This site is able to process US credit cards including Amex
  • Offers poker as well as casino games and sportsbetting
Licensed in Panama

How Do Poker Bank Wires Work?

Wire transfers are pretty straightforward.  You'll need to get some information from the room about their receiving account, and you'll also a need a bit of information regarding your account.  From there, the wire can (at most banks) be initiated online; if the process does require a face-to-face meeting, it will only be a few minutes long.  Typically, wires are credited within a day, although international wires may take a bit longer - especially if you're moving between currencies along the way.

Are There Fees Associated With Using Bank Wires for Poker?

Usually, yes.  However, the fees tend to be assigned by the banks and not by the rooms, so there are a few things you can do to mitigate their impact.  The first is to shop around for a bank that has low wire fees, or that is willing to waive the fees if you meet certain requirements.  The second - if you're planning on making wire deposits and withdrawals a habit - is to consult with the room to see if they can help to cover some of the costs.  While we're not talking about big amounts here - perhaps $10 to $30 on average in total fees - even small numbers can have a large impact over multiple transactions.

What Other Methods Could I Use to Deposit at a Poker Site?

If a wire seems too complicated or too expensive, you might want to consider using an online wallet like PayPal, Neteller or Moneybookers.  Such wallets generally allow you to make big & small poker deposits and withdrawals in single transactions, which is generally a feature requirement for poker players that would otherwise use wires.  If online wallets aren't an option for you, consider check-based deposits or electronic checks, both of which might allow you to still make a big deposit without the fees that typically accompany a deposit at a poker site made via bank wire.