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Online Poker for MacsIn an age where Apple is one of the largest companies in the world and where their various products seem almost ubiquitous, it seems odd indeed that those poker players using a Mac would have any trouble finding a Mac compatible online poker room.  While it's not nearly as difficult as it once was to play poker using a Mac O/S, it's still more challenging for those players than it is for players running Windows.  To ease the difficulty somewhat, we've created this quick guide for Mac poker players to the top sites offering Mac-compatible play.

Modern Mac Poker Players Have Plenty of Options

If we were writing this guide five years ago, there would be a much shorter list of online poker rooms to choose from.  At that point in the industry's development, there were still major online poker rooms that offered absolutely no way for Mac players to participate.  As time passed, however, and the industry became more competitive and more focused on capturing every possible player, more and more rooms opened up ways for Mac-using poker players to get into the game.

Even though the current climate is far more favorable for poker players who require a Mac-compatible way to play, there are still a handful of large poker sites that do not have a native Mac client available for download.  What's different now as opposed to five years ago is that Mac players currently enjoy a number of workarounds that weren't part of the menu back then.

Lists the Best Mac Compatible Poker Sites in USA

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Which Online Poker Sites are the Best for Macs

While there are a number of high-quality options for Mac poker players, we believe one does stand out from the pack: 888 Poker.  888 offers one of the best no download poker clients in the online poker industry, and has quietly (but quickly) rolled out an impressive suite of mobile poker options that Mac players will no doubt also find attractive.

As most poker rooms now provide at least some option for Mac online poker players, picking the best Mac-compatible poker site is more about other factors such as security, game selection, software quality and so on.  As you read through our guides to the top poker sites online, you'll frequently encounter 888 Poker thanks to the room’s steady, professional approach to offering players - of all operating systems - a safe, enjoyable online poker experience.  Read on to learn more about what 888 offers players, or get started with our exclusive welcome bonus for new players at 888 Poker.

Top Mac Option For US Poker Players

Bovada Poker & Sportsbetting Poker has long been the most Mac-friendliest poker site, offering a native client for Mac players. Both downloads are of the smoothest and most stable platforms offered by any online poker room.  That history, along with the high traffic and softer-than-average games, makes both rooms a clear pick for Mac players from the United States.

Alternatives for Mac Poker Players

How do you play at an online poker site if you're running a Mac operating system and that site doesn't offer a native client for Mac?  Poker players actually have a number of potential choices that will allow them to play at the site regardless:

  1. No Download Software:  More and more rooms are embracing the no download model for delivering a poker room to players.  While most rooms that offer a no download client still maintain a separate downloadable client, the ease and flexibility that no download poker clients offer may well make them the dominant channel.  That's probably a few years down the road, but Mac poker players can use the no download options available today as a way to play online poker using their Mac, as such options are generally browser-based and therefore platform independent. 
  2. Virtual Windows:  Some Mac users might cringe at the thought, but there are advantages to having Windows available if you're a serious online poker player.  Not only can you access all rooms, but you'll also be able to use poker training software that isn't generally available in a Mac version.  With the power of today's machines, running a copy of Windows inside your Mac O/S is a much more viable option for the typical player than it would have been just a few years ago.

Mobile Poker:  Mobile poker options are exploding, with new apps rolling out on a weekly basis.  That means players can consider ditching the tether of their desktop or laptop entirely and just play poker on iPad or any mobile device - making your primary operating system largely irrelevant for the purposes of your online poker play.